Project: The Soul Home
Location: Da Nang (Nearby: Hoi An)
Area: 10m x 20m (200m2) / 1 floor
The number of floors: 3 floors.
Architectural design: Alpes
Interior design: Oakpin

Criteria for the project: to make a difference and be creative.
Oakpin has designed the part materials for the floor (1st floor), also selected materials for the room units on the 2nd floor. In the kitchen as well as the living area, Oakpin also gives directions for the use of raw materials such as iron, wood, concrete, brick, … and these concepts are also suitable for customers. And from the living room to the bedroom, Oakpin also automatically introduces raw wood panels into the interior throughout.
With the architectural layout unlike other houses, the spaces are arranged not parallel and shaped with different academic structures, so Oakpin joined the architectural firm. Alpes attempts to create a house doing client most satisfied.

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