• Rose Villa - Da Nang

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Interior Project: Rose Villa
Location: Euro Village Danang.

This is a participating Oakpin project with the role of renovating architectural spaces and already built interiors. Before Oakpin got involved in this project, the architectural space was designed and built by an earlier architectural design firm. And because the architects and the owner did not have common ground, they gave a spatial orientation that was not suitable for reality, even though the project has a land area of ​​300m2 – 400m2, this is a specialized land area for villa architecture. The surrounding landscape is well planned and the front of the house facing the Han River is very beautiful in Da Nang city.
Oakpin Concept Design has been involved in great detail in the renovation of interior spaces and architectural spaces and the redesign of power supply and usage systems. Water supply and drainage systems for the entire house are available, giving customers a much more suitable living space than before.

Bedroom in Floor 2








Bedroom 1 in Floor 3















Bedroom 2 in Floor 3