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Project: LUBI GREEN HOMESTAY in Hα»™i An
Architectural & Interior design: Oakpin Studio
Location: Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street – Hoi An / Viet Nam
Areas: 6m x 45m / 270 m2 / 2 Floors
Year: 2019

The Lubi Green Homestay project was built in the ancient city of Hoi An in Vietnam. The concept of project implementation is based on Oakpin’s traditional architectural lines in Hoi An. The landscape here is always associated with the image of banana trees, bamboo trees, winding roads, children running on the streets innocently …
Inside the house space, Oakpin has carefully detailed every corner of the small space, each space has a bold rustic image like the image of Vietnamese farmers.
The tranquility, but grace of the landscape here makes Oakpin filled with inspiration and creative effort to bring architectural and interior design projects to a certain artistic value customer’s hearts.