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Architectural & Interior Design Project: Blue Bird Thalia Homestay
Location: Hoi An
Architectural: 4 floors.
Investor’s request: The whole project is built with concrete, the raw material of concrete will be the main element shown throughout the project.

This is a project that the investor expects a lot in the completion. And this is also a potential project where Oakpin can showcase its creative design capabilities to clients with similar styles.
The investor wants the project to be designed and built in the direction of using simple, simple yet sustainable raw materials. The raw materials, carpentry are used and exploited creatively and diversely by Oakpin, which are both highly artistic and show the quality of the materials: from metal, wood, glass, brick, and concrete. cardboard, cement,…

Oakpin is also involved in the interior design of the entire interior space. The special thing here, the investor requested, each bedroom must be designed differently.
Although the workload and high creativity requirements must be done in a very short time (30 days), Oakpin has taken great care and endeavors to complete the project with customer satisfaction from the concept design stage, design solutions, to detailed design for construction completion.

Oakpin used material language for the building based on the long local culture in Hoi An. Oakpin has elaborated every detail for hanging lamps, pictures, reliefs, tables, and chairs … using simple and very natural rustic materials. The lamps are shaped from lotus leaves, wall clocks are cut from the raw wood panels of the perennial trunks, terracotta pots are placed in the corners of the room, and so on.

Other spaces such as outdoor areas are also designed with simple and durable materials. In general, the project as a whole, Oakpin, and the investor have painted a special architectural picture full of creativity and art, boldly showing the local cultural values ​​in general and Hoi An in particular.