• Apricot Apartment - Designed by OAKPIN

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The project is inspired by Oakpin from the yellow apricot flowers that often bloom on Tet holidays.
Project areas: 500m2 / 1 floor
Floors: 3 floors.

Based on the design and business requirements of the customers, Oakpin has come up with architectural & interior solutions for this project.

Turning an architectural villa with a 10-year history of no use for residential and living purposes. The landlord has leased it to a kindergarten, so the current state of the current house is very inappropriate, especially the back part of the house, the area is narrowed to the shape of a triangle. Regarding the concept of feng shui and Vietnamese culture, this has a negative impact on the homeowner’s business.
That’s why Oakpin divided the combination of existing houses into many basic combinations. The area is divided into 2 parts, one part is used for the business of apartments for rent, the other part is used for the host’s family to live and live. The ground floor area will be used for the provision of ancillary services.

The ground floor is the area used to do business with mini supermarkets, cafe shops. Starting from the 2nd floor up will include the homeowner’s residential area and the apartment complex for rent. The landlord’s living area consists of 6 rooms, equivalent to 6 rooms for rental apartments. In particular, the area of ​​apartments for rent will have its own entrance.

Oakpin also proposed to add an area on the first floor with an additional swimming pool, spa, indoor and outdoor buffet area combined with a sports area near the pool, making the whole house a commercial complex. trade is quite diverse and plentiful. Therefore, customers feel very satisfied with the solutions and designs that Oakpin has come up with and realized.