WAN Awards is an award that brings together an unprecedented number of high-quality architectural works with members of the jury who are leading international experts.

Garden Peace Village – is an entry in the Residential category at the 2019 World Architecture News Awards.
The apartment is located in the urban area of Da Nang city of Vietnam. Housing typology in urban areas is getting more and more monotonous because of the plot sizes available.

Most sites are rectangular with common walls and front connected to the main road. The front side is the only source of light and ventilation making it challenging to design. Houses in rural Vietnam are planned around common spaces like gardens, ponds, lakes where people connect together.

Green Peace Village Da Nang interior-design-by-oakpin

The main concept of the structure was derived from terraced fields. The units are stacked on each other with stepped terraces which provide plenty of light to the apartment units.
On the inner sides, atriums are provided so as to get natural light and air ventilation. Stepped terraces provide connectivity between the users and increase vertical interaction.

There are small common spaces, gardens for users to gather and interact with each other. The material used for the construction is unburnt bricks which are environment friendly. Brick texture gives a sense of warmth and the simple village life of Vietnam.
The objective of this design is to combine nature and light to create a natural and healthy living environment.

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